Open-BLDC V0.3 Hardware Based Closed Loop Control


Good news everyone!

After again a way too long time some new news! I finally implemented hardware based commutation detection and the associated closed loop controller.

That was quite a run because of a cascade of timing and timer problems. And a very nasty compiler bug. But now it works and very well on top of that. Woohoo o/ But see for yourself in the video.

The video also shows the new implementation of the startup routine. It uses now a separate software timer. It was made possible by using SysTick as timer base and implementing the timer in software. This way it is easy to add new timers that don’t need to be very time precise, as it is the case in startup, or ignite as I like to call it. 🙂 The old implementation was using timer overflows of the commutation timer that led to nasty speed jumps while starting up and made the startup unreliable.

Next step, put Open-BLDC on a plane! 🙂

As always you are welcome to drop by in #open-bldc channel on freenode if you have questions or just want to hang around to follow the cutting edge development. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Open-BLDC V0.3 Hardware Based Closed Loop Control

    1. esden

      @eduardo Sorry I am not using sinusoidal yet. But it is on the list. Sadly the list is quite long. I will write up the prioritized todo list soon. 🙂 I think for sensor less sinusoidal I will have to use the sampling based control algorithm. It needs more love though. Currently this approach is stuck at 4000 rpm because of a missing estimator. But it is in the works.

      @Florin Thanks! 🙂

      @benbois Thanks! My target is to get an obldc on a fixed wing plane in three weeks. To test it in a dynamic environment. 🙂

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  2. ky3orr

    Nice job!
    Right now I am sitting on implementation of BLDC driver for my future RC plane.
    I am happy that iI found open-bldc!

    Maybe I will contribute 🙂

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  4. legacy

    is it possible to buy your hardware ? i have no equipment here to realize your pcb soldering components.

    let me know

  5. Uoc Nguyen

    Hi Esden,
    I’m Uoc from Viet Nam.
    I’m building my esc using stm32f100. stm32f100 generate 6 pwm signals to drive mosfet by IR2184S. And I get HO and LO signal which drive High-side and Low-side. But High-slide voltage is VCC+10 (V) (~ 20V with VCC=10V) and Low-side is 10V. Do you get the same voltage level?


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