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Back from Scotland

You probably know it already but I am back from Schotland. I spent 10 days on the Ile of Arran with some friends. We Made a 100km tour around it. I shot about 460 images and hope that there will be something useful among them. But you will have to judge for yourself.

We arrived back in germany last friday and I was fighting with my emails and rss feeds. Now I am catching up with other things. I hope that I will have enough time to work through the Scotland images in the next days and put them online in my gallery.

My photoblog seems to be working pretty well. It was running on auto pilot the last two weeks and I think that it is a pretty nice thing. I will now put more images online and they will get visible over time. That makes the blog regular and I do not need to spend so much time on it. But I will now start answering your comments in the photoblog. If you provide your email address then you will also get an email. (the email address will not get posted so do not fear).

Shadowrun Citywars

We played Shadowrun Citywars on our last RPG session. I took some images during our session and I because the pictures I took the time before were lost due to a drive crash I thought to post the new ones in the gallery.

I think they are not very interesting for most people but for the ones that were there it may be of interest.

You can see the images here though.

New Year’s eve

I wish you all happy new year.

It may be that you come here to see the images from the New Year’s eve. They are here.

There are more photos to come from XMas and the days after that I spent in Warsaw (Poland) visiting my family. But it takes some time to sort them and process so that I can bare to upload them to the gallery.

I think that the requirements I have to the images I share with others has risen somehow, or I get paranoid. Because it takes more and more time for me to prepare the images so that I feel that I can share them with others…

Anyways, I wish you all happy new year and fulfilled wishes.