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Back to germany

After two months of traveling and visiting three countries I am back in germany. As you may know I was in Holland and Poland what you may not know is that I also was in Bulgaria for two weeks. I had a very nice time with some friends from Rosenheim there.

I really miss the warmth of the climate there. It is really cold and unfriendly in Germany now when you compare 12 degrees here with 24 degrees that we had there.

But everything that is nice has to end some time.

Tomorrow semester begins and I have to go back to university. Somehow I am sad about vacation ending but otherwise I am very happy to see my friends here and that I had such nice time the last two months.

Being back home means also that I will restart regular posting in my blog and coding. Hopefully I will find enough time between lectures to do that. I whish everyone who goes back to University in the next days a good semester and lots of interesting stuff to learn.


Hi folks. A strange thing happened. Since some minutes I am wearing glasses for computer work as you can see here. I hoped that tests will show that I do not need them.

The doctor said that in fact I do not need them because my eyes are good enough to compensate my ~ +1.5 on both sides. But she also said that glasses would not be bad.

Now I near myself to the cliche of a geek 😉

Photos in Warsaw

I have added some photos taken in Warsaw. You can find them here.

I added too family meeting documentations (as almost all images they lack caption I hope to find time to add them later on).

The first meeting was at my aunts Magda (sister of my father) and the second was at my uncles Witold (brother of my mother). Have fun watching 😉

Also some images of my nearly brother Boleks car and a party with Boleks friends are there too.

Vacation but no time

As you can see I do not write very often at the moment. Imagine why, yes, vacation.

As you know I am in Warsaw currently and because all my family lives here and I have friends here too I do not have much time.

Sure my granny or my parents would say directly the contrary, they would say that I spend all my time at my laptop doing “something”. Sure I spend some time at my machine but that is only because I am taking a lot of images and have to postedit and select them. Trying to stay up to date with e-mail and news too becomes very difficult then, as writing blog entries does.

But finally after getting many times on my father nerves we finally finished selecting and postediting the photos I made in the Gdynia week. The gallery is finally online here. I hope you enjoy the images.

I do also hope that I will get some Warsaw images online in the coming days. It still stays a challenge looking through imaginary, removing bad and crappy shots, cleaning some of them up, converting to the right format, uploading to my sever and adding to the gallery. It is a pretty long process and also time consuming so that the gallery does not get cluttered and looks like a dumpster. I will do my best. I hope that at least my family will like the imaginary. (if so please write me a comment 😉 I will really appreciate it as always)

Catching up

Since the morning today I am working on getting all the images I have online. I want to do it before I start reposting my blog entries that are on my laptop. It is really not so easy as it seems. The images I get from my camera are all way too big for web so I have to downsize them. Sadly iPhoto does not have (or I am blind) an easy batch option for resizing images. I got a program called Downsize for that. I really ask myself why all that useful little stuff has to cost money. 20$ here 20$ there … every little tool costs money. I am a poor student I do not have the money to pay every little tool I get and that nags suck badly and test time outs even more. I would prefer if the programs were free and there were donation buttons on their pages. I am really sure that the time I start working and have some pennies left I will donate money to every vendor of a useful program I use that is free and has a donation button. You may hit me on that later 😉

Ok I finish uploading the images and then I start to add all the blog posts that accumulated here on my disk 😉

Arrived in Warsaw

Finally my family and me arrived in Warsaw at the house of my granny. We arrived yesterday at about 21:00 or so.

All the way to Warsaw I was hearing a classic Rock collection that Daniel recommended and it was really good.

Somewhere on the way we made a stop to get some food. We landed in a pretty nice old “Herren Haus” called Dworek Sople it looked pretty nice and the food was also good. The only downside was the loud street, otherwise I could recommend it not only for a short stop on the road but also for staying longer. I will post a scan of their brochure later.

Pre liftoff day, my new watch

Today was a real lift off day as I know it in my family. First we were at the beach near to here to get some sun (my mother and my aunt Dana are going there every moring). At 10:30 we were back at home to eat the second breakfast. Then I left with my grand mother to the city for shopping getting a clock back from the clockmaker and buying nutrition stuff at the grocery store so nothing really exciting for me beside the fact that my granny bought me a really nice simple clock I catched in the eye some days ago. It is a simple Casio MTP-1142 but not using a clock for a long time and always being afraid of loosing the wrist watch I decided that it was the right thing to wear. At first I wanted to buy the watch by my self but my granny heard about it and wanted badly to buy it for me because she still needs a present for my upcoming name day (we get presents, that day, similar to birthday).

I really love that wrist watch! It is simple in design and does what it has to do. Just like a macintosh 😉

After shopping we had late lunch and my granny, my mother, my brother and I left for shopping at the coast to get some presents for birthday’s of my friends in germany. You may be eager now what I bought. *GG*
After that shopping tour we got back home and visited my aunt and uncle in the house near by. That way the evening ended and I am sitting now on my bed. Tomorrow we are leaving to Warsaw. I really hope that when I get there my Internet communication improoves and I will be able to document my blog entries with pictures, links and similar.

For now gn8 gf8 … I need to catch some sleep before driving 300km in 5hours (yes that takes really so long on polish roads but I will poast the exact numbers tomorrow night if communication channels allow)

Sea view

I am currently siting in the gardent of my aunt and uncle in Gdynia. It is a very beautifull place with a view to the sea. I am looking at the see and daydreaming. This beautifull view is crying at me that I take a photo and make it last for eternity. Sadly I can not make a braindump so you will never get the impression I get from this view. You will have to be happy with an image from my Trust noname digital camera. It is better then nothing. 😉 (here you can find more images taken from the garden)

I tried to continue my work on deBlog but the view stopped me from that and I decided that watching the view was more importaint then working.

Garczyn and Olpuch

Some minutes ago my mother, my brother and I arrived back in Gdynia in the house of my aunt Dana. We spent the whole day in Garczyn and then in Olpuch.

Garczyn is a very small village with some houses, fields, a lake, a church and a cemetery. On the cemetery there are many graves of Esden-Tempski family members. We washed the new finished tomb and posed some plastic flowers so that it looks a bit more colorful.

We also were talking with the grave digger so he takes care about the graves.

There is also a chapel built for that is full now.

It was a very interesting excursion in the history of our family.

The rest of the day we spent in Olpuch at the house of my uncles Leszek. His wife, daughter, son and goddaughter were also there.

First we spent some hours at a lake that is in the area. Very nice warm and clear water. Beautiful simply beautiful.

Then we ate late lunch that took a lot of time was very tasty and flavored with witty discussions about everything and everyone.

After the lunch my uncle showed me his camera and photos he made with it. Very nice camera (a porsche compared to mine but I am happy I have a camera… time will show.. you know 😉 ) the images were also pretty impressing. I took also some images with it. That was marvelous… sigh.

The day ended pretty fast and we left back to Gdynia and so we are here at the end of the day…. good night.

You can see gallery for Garczyn and Olpuch to see how it looked like.

Visit to Gdansk

Today my parents, my grandmother, my brother and I have visited Gdansk. It is a very beautiful city lying at the northern coast of Poland. I have visited some churches and marked called after a saint: “Dominican Market” my brother and I have bought two coats with Poland written on it’s backs. Very nice stuff. (very warm 😉 )

I am currently working on deBlog all the time. Work is progressing very slowly because every several minutes someone wants me to do something or, what is more common, I fall asleep. That are that damn climatic changes. I really ask myself if I ever get that thing finished if I continue to progress with my work like that.

I am making a lot of pictures here. I will upload them some time when I have better internet connection then here. I am currently connected to the I-Net line of my uncle and aunt. For some strange reason the provider allows full bandwidth only to single mac addresses that are registered. My mac address is not registered yet so I have only 5kb down and something around this upload. I hope now you can understand why I will not upload my pictures 😉

I hope to have better network in Warsaw. I will leave in that direction on Tuesday and my Grandmother has DSL Hardline now so I may have a better connection there 😉

I think that is all for today…. cu 😉