Catching up

Since the morning today I am working on getting all the images I have online. I want to do it before I start reposting my blog entries that are on my laptop. It is really not so easy as it seems. The images I get from my camera are all way too big for web so I have to downsize them. Sadly iPhoto does not have (or I am blind) an easy batch option for resizing images. I got a program called Downsize for that. I really ask myself why all that useful little stuff has to cost money. 20$ here 20$ there … every little tool costs money. I am a poor student I do not have the money to pay every little tool I get and that nags suck badly and test time outs even more. I would prefer if the programs were free and there were donation buttons on their pages. I am really sure that the time I start working and have some pennies left I will donate money to every vendor of a useful program I use that is free and has a donation button. You may hit me on that later 😉

Ok I finish uploading the images and then I start to add all the blog posts that accumulated here on my disk 😉

3 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. esden

    Thanks for the script. The problem that still remains is that it is not aware of images that are horizontal or vertical…

    I will take a look why there is no preview possibility. It is missing in my theme or in WordPress … I really do not know. I added it to my iCal todo list.


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