Vacation but no time

As you can see I do not write very often at the moment. Imagine why, yes, vacation.

As you know I am in Warsaw currently and because all my family lives here and I have friends here too I do not have much time.

Sure my granny or my parents would say directly the contrary, they would say that I spend all my time at my laptop doing “something”. Sure I spend some time at my machine but that is only because I am taking a lot of images and have to postedit and select them. Trying to stay up to date with e-mail and news too becomes very difficult then, as writing blog entries does.

But finally after getting many times on my father nerves we finally finished selecting and postediting the photos I made in the Gdynia week. The gallery is finally online here. I hope you enjoy the images.

I do also hope that I will get some Warsaw images online in the coming days. It still stays a challenge looking through imaginary, removing bad and crappy shots, cleaning some of them up, converting to the right format, uploading to my sever and adding to the gallery. It is a pretty long process and also time consuming so that the gallery does not get cluttered and looks like a dumpster. I will do my best. I hope that at least my family will like the imaginary. (if so please write me a comment 😉 I will really appreciate it as always)

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