Open-BLDC mockup


As you already know I have layouted the Open-BLDC boards. I was not sure if everything fits mechanically. So I took some cardboard and created a mechanical mockup. It really looks good! It is darn stable (even though it is only cardboard and not FR4) and the screws fit snugly. I think we are getting really near to a state where I can order some boards.

You can take a look at some images attached to this post.

Have fun! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Open-BLDC mockup

    1. esden

      Thanks! I am not sure yet if I want to sell them. But there will be a way to get the naked pcb’s for sure. I have not planned how to do that yet. There is still some development to be done before Open-BLDC is useful for the general public.

      Cheers Esden


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