cl-opengl mac os x bindings with native GLUT.framework

I have adapted the cl-opengl bindings so that it runs with the GLUT bundle that is being shipped with mac os x.

Most examples seem to work. The ones that do not work need a more complicated fixing. But the API should run correctly. (I hope so ™)

You can get the first version here.

I will try to continue testing and fixing the bindings. I i do so there will probably be also a repository for it. Who knows … ^^

I have tested it with sbcl 1.0.12 on a Leopard driven MacBook Pro.

Have fun

P.S. Greetings from 24c3 ^^

P.P.S … I made a screenshot that is attempting to proove that it is really working: shot

1 thought on “cl-opengl mac os x bindings with native GLUT.framework

  1. Shawn

    I’ve confirmed it runs on osx 10.4 with sbcl 1.0.14. Is this or will it be going into cl-opengl proper?


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