Programming the BL-Ctrl’ers

Some days ago I was able to program my BL-Cntrlers using PonyProg.

I had some problems doing this because I do not posess a machine with a builtin Serial interface and Windows. The problem is that the programmer uses a bitbang protocol on the serial port with very stirct timing constrains so I can not use a Serial to USB converter. First time I tried to program the controllers I tried to use the laptop of a friend but it seems that because it has frequency scaling the timings were not right, so I had to use a windows machine at my university.

It seems that everything works so far. The programmer said that the download was successful and the LEDs light up.

Later I also tried to program the controlers using avrdude under Linux. I built up a linux machine from some spare parts that were lying around my room. Sadly it is not working. avrdude says that the device is not responding. I have to try some other linux machine with builtin serial device to see if the problem is because of the very old hardware.

Next step will be to get some brushless motors and build up the fourth controller. I was thinking about getting four Robbe ROXXY2824-34. I heard that they often have problems so I will have to buy more then four to make sure that I get 4 working ones.

Still I will have to wait some time until I start working at my diploma thesis company. Before that I have no money to purchase them.

But still I am very happy that programming was a success what means that I did not screw anything up during the assembly (at least for now). Another small step towards my own mikrokopter. 😉

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  1. Andrzej z Londynu

    Sorry to bother you again – I left few word on page about the visit in Gatczyn, but now I realised that this is not Stanislaw Esden Tempski’s (128 on your family tree) blog as I assumed. Do you know his e-mail or current adress – Andrzej M/Borkowski – )Stanislaw’s friend from the time when he lived in London)


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