Nikon D50

As you probably saw in my Photoblog the EXIF information on the right under the Picture shows in the last few images that they were taken with a D50. Yes I really got my Nikon D50! Weee! 😉

I hope now that at least the quality of the shots got better now. But I also think that the images themselves are better now. I have a lot more freedom compared to my old camera. And taking an image is no more such a hassle.

I still miss some wide angle lens and a tele lens from time to time. But with some time on my hands I hopefully will have some money to change that situation too. Tamron or Sigma or even Nikon themselves will have some nice lenses for me. The problem is that photography is a very expensive hobby.

Someone in the #photogeeks channel posted a nice comparison some time ago: “I had a choice for my hobby. Collecting Faberge eggs or photography.” The only difference between the two is that the photo gear is not gaining on value like the eggs do.

I love my new camera and I hope to be able to take some amazing shots with it. For my and your amusement. Photography is now making even more fun.

The only problem is that my expectations to myself and yours probably too will rise now and I will have to work even harder to satisfy them. 😉

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