Canon 350D and Nikon D50

Today was my lucky (in some way) day!

I am currently pretty ill so I had to go to the city to get some medicine and visit a doctor. As I already was there I gave my last film roll I made for development. It was a kodak shop and they said that I can have the images back in one hour.

Using that time I went to a drugstore and got something for my cough and asked for a doctor in the area. As I went to the doctor he had already closed. Because I wanted the images badly (otherwise I would have nothing to put online in my photoblog) I went to another photo shop and looked around. There was a very helpful guy with whom I started a conversation. He showed me the Canon 350D and Nikon D50 for comparison.

Now comes the interesting part. Both cameras are technically same. The canon has some drawbacks. First of all it does not really lie in the hand. The grip for the right hand is somehaw small and does not fill the hand. The controls are edgy and one has the feeling that this thing is real plastic. Also the shutter sound is edgy. It is a simple “klack”.

Now the Nikon for comparison. It feels bit bigger. (even if both cameras have no noticable weight difference) The grip lies very good in the hand. The surface is rugged and feels more like a metal body and not plastic. Very pleasant. The controls are big and smooth. Also the shutter has a nice sound. The camera is purring when you release the shutter. Lovely thing. I also think that Nikon is less noisy then the Canon.

This comparison is fully subjective. And when you think about buying anyone of that cameras try yourself. And pull your own criteria for the final choice.

When you want to compare the cameras using the more technical and objective approach you can go to DPReview and take a look.

I know for myself that I fell in love with the D50. The only problem is the money 🙁

The next thing that is pushing me to buy a digital SLR is that the light meter in the Praktica is finally fully broken. Before it got only stuck and now it is not working at all. And I hear something falling around inside. Another point is the price of film development. I payed 26Euro today. The positive side was that they finally done everything right. The negatives are cut correctly and quality of the photocd is very good. But 26Euro??? Sorry guys that is too expensive!

Back to Praktica … I am very sad about the camera being broken I really started to fall in love with that camera too… 🙁

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