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After another session tweaking around my site I finally added Creative Commons licensing notes to all pages (hopefully). The photoblog site is also pretty finished contentwise. The thing that still remains is matching the themes of the blog, gallery and the photoblog. That means a lot of work.

I also added Twisted view of Esden photoblog to If you like photoblogs go there and you will surely find tons of very nice blogs. I also would be very happy when you add me to your favorites there. 😉 You can see my list of favorites here.

Praktica super TL

Yesterday I was at home in Ingolstadt visiting my parents. My mother was so nice to borrow me her SLR camera. It is a pretty old Praktica super TL. It is a Eastgerman production and even has a fan community. You can find the documentation of that camera here. More info can also be found here.

The camera has a Carl Zeiss Jena, Tessar 2,8/50 lens. It is a very good lens. The design is 100 years old but it was remade many times. Zeiss is producing the lens till today. Even if the lens is pretty dark 2,8f. The positive side of the lens is that it draws very sharp and is very light. It as also called Eagle Eye of your camera. You can read more about it here.

As you can imagine it is not a digital camera so it takes some time till there will be sample images. I took today 18 images and in the next days I should finish the film. Taking that images the camera got stuck three times and messed up three images. That happens when you use old mechanics that are not used often. But nevertheless it is a lot of fun taking images with it. It is loud like hell and heavy. Just like firing some kind of weapon.

I am really asking myself if there is a photoblog somewhere where someone is shooting photos with such an “ancient” technology.


I added a Photoblog to my site. You can find it here. I hope you will like the images I will post there. Currently there is only one image that I already posted here in the blog. Tomorrow when I got some sleep I will add first really fresh image. Uwe outrun me with adding a photoblog just by a day. I started setting it up on friday but had some technical problems. More about them tomorrow.

Glowing Sparcle

I installed the wp gallery plugin, to integrate my gallery with the blog, today. I want to post some images I like in my blog entries little bit in the style of photoblogs.

Today and here is the first image I would like to share with you. I hope that it in some way proofs that also with a very cheep digicam one can make pretty nice shots that on one hand could be better but on other hand look very nice the way they are. Bit fuzzy and cloudy 😉

Photos in Warsaw

I have added some photos taken in Warsaw. You can find them here.

I added too family meeting documentations (as almost all images they lack caption I hope to find time to add them later on).

The first meeting was at my aunts Magda (sister of my father) and the second was at my uncles Witold (brother of my mother). Have fun watching 😉

Also some images of my nearly brother Boleks car and a party with Boleks friends are there too.

Vacation but no time

As you can see I do not write very often at the moment. Imagine why, yes, vacation.

As you know I am in Warsaw currently and because all my family lives here and I have friends here too I do not have much time.

Sure my granny or my parents would say directly the contrary, they would say that I spend all my time at my laptop doing “something”. Sure I spend some time at my machine but that is only because I am taking a lot of images and have to postedit and select them. Trying to stay up to date with e-mail and news too becomes very difficult then, as writing blog entries does.

But finally after getting many times on my father nerves we finally finished selecting and postediting the photos I made in the Gdynia week. The gallery is finally online here. I hope you enjoy the images.

I do also hope that I will get some Warsaw images online in the coming days. It still stays a challenge looking through imaginary, removing bad and crappy shots, cleaning some of them up, converting to the right format, uploading to my sever and adding to the gallery. It is a pretty long process and also time consuming so that the gallery does not get cluttered and looks like a dumpster. I will do my best. I hope that at least my family will like the imaginary. (if so please write me a comment 😉 I will really appreciate it as always)