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Some weeks ago a friend of mine showed me these incredible machines at mikrokopter. I was so amazed about these small flying machines that I got myself the first parts for building such a small flying machine myself.

Because I have nearly no money I split the purchases in small pieces. First of all I got myself four brushless motor controller pcbs and an Atmel programmer pcb from the mikrokopter shop and the nessesary parts.

The next steps will be getting following parts:

  • One brushless engine to test the controlers
  • Flight-Control pcb with all parts (that will be a pretty big chunk)
  • A reciever and a remote to test the flight-ctrl
  • A frame
  • The remaining engines
  • And finally the rotors

Then I should have a complete and flying mikrokopter. I will probably stretch the purchaices over many months while I progress with assembling, testing and earning nessesary money.

Wish me luck with that project. 😉

5 thoughts on “Mikrokopter

  1. HK

    The University of Applied Science in Rosenheim provides a Project called “quadrokopter” for Electronic Engineers. They might have some hints for you.

    Cool Topic. I thought of building such a thing a while ago, but i wanted to use a gyroscope to get better acceleration values. Those are rather exensive.

  2. esden

    Yes I know this project. But they are by far not so advanced like mikrokopter. And they use Java to program the flight control and bluetooth for remote control.

    It is a nice project but I saw the flying version and it was pretty unstable for my feeling. The professor leading that project here even said that he gets pretty demotivated seeing mikrokopter. Because they need to invest a lot more time to get as far as mikrokopter.

    Considering that they will not really be able to tell me something more then the guys from mikrokopter. ^^

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  4. Daniel Van Heerden

    Mikrokopter does seem amazing. I visited the shop site, but it’s all in German, I cannot seem to find a English version. Can anyone point me in the right direction please??


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