As you already know I have installed a photoblog on my site. I use Pixelpost for that. It is a pretty nice and simple system having nearly everything you need.

The problem is that this software is very crappy written. I installed it and tried to upload an image. Everything went ok only that the thumbnail has not been created for the image. I spent one hour debugging only to find out that it is failing because I have no jpeg support in gd2 php plugin. I do really not understand why people are not doing right error handling. At least the install script could have checked that! The calls to these functions are muted (not yelding anything on an error). I really could kill someone for that.

Spending another two hours on bugfixing the code I finally acheved that I do not get 20 error entries in my apache logs on a link click. I will try to collect all my fixes and post them to the pixelpost developers in the next days. But for that I have to spend another evening getting the code really clean because my fixes are pretty hacky for now. I really wanted that thing running.

I also added another WordPress plugin to integrate the latest and one random thumbnail image on my blog site. You find the plugin here. It worked without any hacks or tweaks. That is how I like a software to be. 😉

3 thoughts on “Pixelpost

  1. Connie

    das tut mir aber leid! So faule Säue sind wir… dass wir so arme User in solche Nöte stürzen!!!

    Und das absolut freiwillig, ohne dass uns jemand zwingt…

    also ich weiss nicht..

    soviel ich weiss, seit ich bei PixelPost mitmache, haben wir ein Forum und da kann man sogar Anregungen undsoweiter ablassen….

    ich finde es nicht fair, so über das Programm zu lästern ohne sich vorher im Forum irgendwie zu melden oder nachzufragen oder sich schlau zu machen. Es gibt nämlich unter GENERAL INFO die Möglichkeit nachzuprüfen ob die Installationsbedingungen erfüllt sind oder nicht

    und du hättest auch viele Stunden Zeit sparen können, wenn du unter GENERAL INFO nachgeschaut hättest, da steht nämlich in einem Fall wie deinem ob GDLIB ausreicht oder nicht…

    tut mir leid, da ärgere ich mich


  2. blindcoder

    The first commandment of using free software: Thou shalt not speak bad about free software, no matter how bad a particular piece of free software it is.

    That’s about how I feel about you, Connie. Esden said he’d be submitting a patch to fix what he thinks is wrong. So why the fuss?
    Also, if you can’t stand critics, better shut down your internet connection. There will always be people criticising you for what you do.

  3. Fl00r

    I know how you feel Esden! I have been struggeling with the installation of Pixelpost myself. But the people at the Pixelpost forum were very helpfull. To prevent others from making the same misstakes I wrote a tutorial found at Pixelpost.Hakstege.net


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