Lcdemu is an Mat*ix O*bital character display emulator. It is my first C project I created. I still feature it on my site because it may be usefull for someone.

It is very usefull when you want to test your software on a lcd display but not have one on your hands. It will be also possible to get more debug information then with the hardware part.

Known problems

It is sometimes missing control characters when the fifo buffer gets overfilled.


LCDemu start screen
lcdemu after the start.
LCDemu light off screen
lcdemu with the light turned off.
LCDemu with started LCDd screen
lcdemu with started lcdproc server.
LCDemu with lcdproc about screen
lcdemu with lcdproc about screen.
LCDemu with lcdproc cpu load screen
lcdemu with lcdproc cpu load screen.
LCDemu with lcdproc memory screen
lcdemu with lcdproc memory screen.
LCDemu with lcdproc time screen
lcdemu with lcdproc time screen.
LCDemu with lcdproc xload screen
lcdemu with lcdproc xload screen.

LCDemu with lcdproc RockLinux build Plugin
lcdemu with lcdproc RockLinux build Plugin.


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